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3D Printed Head – And Hairdresser

A lot of interest in the 3D Printing Industry. This is because 3D Printed products are easier to get, cheaper to make and more common in the marketplace.

3D Printing Ebook Review – European View of 3D Printing Book

So this European broadcaster enjoyed the ebook and had a little fun with one of the authors at the same time. 3D Printing Ebooks are new on the market as this industry unfolds.

3D Printing Myths- Challenged

From the Book: How to 3D Print Money. Myth #1: 3D printing will not catch on because it is too technical. The interesting question is, too technical for who? Engineers and manufacturing technicians have always been technical people. These practitioners have been dealing with design drawings and specifications and blueprints (print and electronic) for decades, […]