Don't Lose Your Shirt Abroad, Part 3

Marketing Plan Radio Show – Is Your Marketing Blueprint Too Long?

Well, marketing plans can be very long. Listen to this fun radio show about makeing your marketing plan just 4 easy slides.


Marketing Advice Video – Who Is Your Company’s First Client?

Well, you have a company. But who is your first client? Take a look at this 1 minute video and see if you agree!

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Don't Lose Your Shirt Abroad, Part 3

Business Podcast – The 7 Elements Of A Sale

Here is a quick entertaining radio podcast which discusses the 7 basic elements of a sale. It’s entertaining an informative!

marketing lesson

Marketing 101 Video – The 4th Question When Doing Marketing Planning

This quick 50 second marketing video completes the series of the 4 marketing questions every marketing plan should answer. These questions should also be answered on every website.

marketing lesson

Marketing Video- What Is The Third Question To Ask When Planning Marketing?

Here is another marketing video which asks: What is the third question we ask in preparing a marketing plan? The first two: Who is the client? and What is his/her problem? Look at this quick clip for number 3!

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Marketing Video- What Is The Second Question In Marketing?

Marketing has 4 questions. Here is the second question. See more marketing videos on youtube.

International business videos

International Business Video- Spot An International Business Fraud

Here is a quick 1 minute international business video about spotting a global business fraud. Too often, friends and colleagues have told me that they trusted someone to get them into a foreign market, only to be disappointed and felt taken.

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Marketing Video: What Is The First Question We Ask In Marketing?

What is the first marketing question? Why do we need to ask it?

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Marketing Video – What Do Marketers Mean By The Word: Goals?

Here is a quick marketing video discussing what marketers mean when they refer to strategic goals.

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Marketing Video – Name Your Website Rule 5

Here is a quick marketing video about how to name your website. It’s a quick 40 second video and can save you a lot of hassle when doing marketing.