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10 Questions for Foreign Firms Wishing to Enter the USA 3D Printing Market

10 Key Questions For Foreign Firms Entering the USA 3D Printing Market from Bill Decker These are questions for foreign companies or, really, any other firms. See International Business Videos online.

Fun 3D Printing Video Cartoon – 3D Printing In Rural Areas and 3D Print Cop

Here is a fun video about 3D Printing to enjoy and have a quick laugh. See more at YouTube

3D Printing Cartoon About 3D Printing Industry Being Too Hectic

So the 3D Printing Page will help newbies, students and people not in the loop learn about 3d printing.

Bioprinting and 3D Printing – Will the FDA Regulate 3D Printing of Body Tissue and Body Parts?

Using 3D bioprinting for fabricating biological constructs typically involves dispensing cells onto a biocompatible scaffold using a successive layer-by-layer approach to generate tissue-like three-dimensional structures. Given that every tissue in the body is naturally compartmentalized of different cell types, many technologies for printing these cells vary in their ability to ensure stability and viability of […]

Fun 3D Printing Quick Video Show

3dprinting channel announces….funny video on 3d printing from 3dprintingindustry on Vimeo. Enjoy!

3d printed glasses

3D Printed Eyeglasses – Possibilities of 3D Printing

3D printed eye-wear is not a new concept, some talented designers have been pushing the boundaries in terms of original, stylized eyewear. Just some of the notable developments include Protos, Mykita, and Hoet’s metal eyewear. There is also separate developments on actual 3D printing of the optics, the lenses, by a clear leader in this […]

3D Printing Video – Will 3D Printing Change Manufacturing?

This is a quick video showing the basics of 3D Printing and the 3D Printing Industry. See the bioprinting section to see the future being done now!

3D Printing Book – Now on Amazon and All Ebook Sites

How to 3D Print Money is the Ebook on the new and exploding 3D Printing Industry. Be smarter than you were before the invention of the Internet. 3D Printing is new, hot and controversial. See the trends being created by this new industry and the market opportunities that will flow. Read about international applications and […]

Video on 3D Printing Industry – the 3D Printing Channel

We will witness the birth of a new generation of “makers.” When I got my MBA, my instinct was to stay away from manufacturing. Who needs the hassle? Labor problems? Environmental Protection Agency? Boats of raw materials that never get to me? Forget it. Marketing. Finance. That’s the place to be. Now a new generation […]

3d printed heart

3D Printing A Heart – New Improvements in BioPrinting

And some of you say…have a heart… Cardiovascular scientists have announced that it will be possible to 3D print a whole heart from the patients’ own cells within a decade. A bioengineer has been quoted saying that the heart is one of the easiest organs to bioprint. In fact, scientists have already bioengineered a coronary […]