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International business videos

International Business Video – Video About Going To China

What should you learn when you head off to China? Watch this international business video and see a 1 minute show on a few things that will help.

China Podcast

International Business Podcast – How NOT To Do Business With Chinese

International Business Podcast – How NOT To Do Business In China International Business Podcast on China and how NOT to do business there! Sure, it’s supposed to be funny, but there is some decent information!

libby weaver

Marketing Advice Video – How Do You Pick A URL For Your Website?

Enjoy this quick piece of marketing advice and see how firms should better pick URL’s for their websites

lessons from the road

Audio Book – Lessons From The Road; Start Up Tips 1-2-3. Just click and listen

Here is a quick audiobook packed with Start Up Tips for any business to consider. Free and informative!