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International Investing – 10 Things to Consider When Taking Money From Overseas

1. Will your other investors mind? Will your current investors care if more funds come from country X? Does country X help or hurt them financially, legally or psychologically? Getting your current investors’ permission might be necessary. 2. Will your overseas investors have access to your company’s trade secrets? Frequently, investors want to understand and […]

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3D Printing Fashion – Israeli 3D Printed Fashion Collection

Following 3D Printing for years, I stumbled across this 3D Printing fashion designer from Israel, who launched the first 3D Printed fashion collection.

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Global Business Advice – 3 Things to Consider With Foreign Investors

Three trends are coming together that make American companies look more and more at getting overseas investors: money is easier to move internationally, there is an abundance of new wealth coming from the third world, and there are scores of new intermediaries saying they are connected to this wealth. These intermediaries take the shape of […]