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3D Printing Interview Excerpt From Printaholic

…..The Future for Association of 3D Printing? As the Association of 3D printing evolves, Decker believes that the organization–as well as 3D printing itself–defies geographical boundaries. Through innovative resources as well as unique networking capabilities, this organization continues to grow and become the dominant voice in the 3D printing community. “U.S. countries selling in foreign […]


Welcome to the Site! Notes From A May Speaking Event How to Enter Cultures; international and otherwise Participants should leave the session knowing: – The largest stumbling block when working in different corporations. – The 10 questions each person should be asking when confronted with any new culture. – Common mistakes made in interacting with […]

3D Printing Industry Predictions – Who Will Be the Next Players in the 3D Printing Industry?

3D Printing Slide Show – Who Will Be The Next Players in the 3D Printing Industry from Bill Decker For more on the 3D Printing Industry, check out the 3D Printing Trade Association