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Business Advice Strategy Advice – Strategy Comics for Fun And Education

\ Strategy Comics! A Fun Way to Read About Strategy! from Bill Decker Enjoy these strategy comics!

10 Incorrect Marketing Assumptions By 3D Printing Companies

10 False Assumptions With Marketing in the 3D Printing Industry from Bill Decker And yes, many more firms outside of the 3D Printing Industry make these mistakes!

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Global Business Videos Lost in Translation – International Business Failures

Other mistakes made in translation Not using professional translators. This mistake takes several forms: using only an American English presentation for all markets, thinking in-house people who speak foreign languages can act as translators, hiring (e.g.) a Chinese waiter to translate for you, or using technological databases to do the work inexpensively. Selection Does the […]

A Different Kind of Business Man

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10 Mistakes and Misconceptions When Businesses Enter International Markets

If we make a better mousetrap, they will buy it. The question here is, do you think that factor alone is the necessary and sufficient condition to sell overseas? If it was always about quality, then why doesn’t everyone always buy the best product? Many overseas buyers will purchase an inferior product from someone who […]