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Business Training SlideShow – Marketing Mistakes in 3D Printing

Marketing Blunders and Marketing Errors in 3D Printing from Bill Decker here are 3: 1. Being hard to find on Google. Can’t spell it. Can’t Google it. Can’t find it. 2. Confusing marketing and sales. Marketing is awareness, understanding &belief. Sales is the juncture point. 3. No branding. Poor branding. Does your team know the […]

Business Traning Slideshow – Mistakes Made In Managing Sales People and Sales Forces

3D Printing Business – Common Errors Made With Sales Management and Sales People from Bill Decker Here are three of the 10: 2.Complex compensation plans Sales people should know what they earn on every close 3.Confusing the terms “sales” and “marketing” Marketing people don’t hear “no” everyday 4.Bad sales management “Beating up” salespeople never works

Enter the USA Market – 10 Questions Come to Mind When Entering American Marketplaces

Quite frankly, these questions work when Americans wish to market overseas as well! When firms enter the US market, several questions come immediately to mind. These are the first that arrive. What is the mode of entry (MOE)? License? Direct sales? Distribution agreements? Joint venture? Web based? Acquisition? All of these have various pros and […]

10 Questions for Foreign Firms Wishing to Enter the USA 3D Printing Market

10 Key Questions For Foreign Firms Entering the USA 3D Printing Market from Bill Decker These are questions for foreign companies or, really, any other firms. See International Business Videos online.

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Global Business Video Advice – Should Companies Use Importers in International Trade?

One minute vignettes about International Business Strategies and International Marketing Efforts. This video discusses if a company should use an importer. Do Importers make sense in global business? Check us out at