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3D Printing Videos – Marketing People Now Running the 3D Printing Industry

The marketers and salespeople are now in control of the 3D Printing Industry. Take a look at this quick, fun, 3D Printing Video

International Marketing – Using Commissioned Agents to Enter Foreign Countries. Is it Good to Use Agents? An International Business Video Series about how to enter and succeed in global marketing. An international market entry plan contains hundreds of elements, but these initial ones are the most critical for success abroad: An appropriate amount of planning time. Too often companies approach foreign markets and cut corners on the necessary planning time. […]

beatles members

Beatles Sing In Yiddish – Fun Beatles Song!

3d printed glasses

3D Printed Eyeglasses – Possibilities of 3D Printing

3D printed eye-wear is not a new concept, some talented designers have been pushing the boundaries in terms of original, stylized eyewear. Just some of the notable developments include Protos, Mykita, and Hoet’s metal eyewear. There is also separate developments on actual 3D printing of the optics, the lenses, by a clear leader in this […]