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3D Printing Video – From the 3D Printing Channel

This 3D Printing Video is an excerpt from the 3D Printing Channel. A college guy asks a college lady “What would you 3D Print?” It’s light and fun.

International Business Videos – One Minute on Global Business Strategy

3 Bad International Business Strategies. Here is a one minute video on common but bad international business plans. Businesses study countries and their markets as they ponder which international markets to enter. They often ask such questions as: • How big is the market? • What is our market niche? • How do we reach […]

3D Printed Head – And Hairdresser

A lot of interest in the 3D Printing Industry. This is because 3D Printed products are easier to get, cheaper to make and more common in the marketplace.

3D Printing Book Review – A Funny Review of How to 3D Print Money

Here is another obviously fake review of my book on 3D Printing. But you may enjoy the book about the 3D Printing Industry.

3D Printing Book Review – Reader Loves Book and Does Humorous Review

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Global Shipping

International Business Video – What is a Foreign Trade Zone and History of International Trade

While this isn’t my video, it is a good primer for understanding global trade and how a foreign trade zone can work. The big question is: How will 3D Printing effect global trade?