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3D Printing Book Review

review of how to 3d Print money, available at online retailers and of course, Amazon

International Business Videos – Business Situations Overseas

In International Market Entry There are thousands of horrible stories and events that happen everyday. This one minute video on international marketing talks about a firm using an unknown Swedish distributor to enter the European Market

3D Printing Book Review – 3D Printing Fans

Here is another review of How to 3D Print Money. See the reviews at: and check out the book on Amazon or any online Book retailers

3D Printing Radio – 3D Printing Modeling Software Part 2

Open source 3D modeling Software is here. Clemons Coding CEO talks about it on this quick podcast. Here it now (below), click this link:, or subscribe to the 3D Printing Voice on stitcher and iTunes

3D Printing Ebook Review – European View of 3D Printing Book

So this European broadcaster enjoyed the ebook and had a little fun with one of the authors at the same time. 3D Printing Ebooks are new on the market as this industry unfolds.

3D Printing and Outsourcing Difficulty – The Outsourcing Solution

This little comic illustrates some of the outsourcing problems firms have. And it suggests 3D Printing as the better way to solve the problem.

Business Abroad- Video on the Danger of Working With Strangers

Don’t let this happen to you! Keep up with International Business Videos