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International Business Advice- Videos on Global Problems

One minute video about how taking shortcuts overseas can hurt, not help a company. More Business Videos: Global Business Podcast:

3D Printing Advances- Structure and Complex Printing

Notice the structural integrity of this 3D Printed object. This was done in a single print in an hour. Imagine if you needed a part somewhere and could just print it out!

Myths and Facts When Considering International Business

Some myths and facts when doing international business

How Do You Choose an International Market

Well, when you help a company set a strategy, you do what no company wants you to do: lock key executives in a room for 3 to 10 days (they don’t want to give up the time or spend the money on a facilitator). So, while this strategic planning process is being developed, the company […]

How to 3D Print Money Ebook- Now on Kindle

Current Trends on 3D Printing. Fears. Opportunities. It’s all here. You can find this Ebook for 2.99 at Kindle. Also on and Smashwords.

3D Printed and 3D Unbreakable

Find more videos at:

3D Printed Tools- Why Drive to the Store

Is it quicker to 3D Print a nut and bolt, or drive to the hardware store? And what if you had to go to the trouble of importing it? It looks like 3D Printing will save plenty of time in this case.

One Minute Podcast on 3D Printing- Are the Files Too Big

In this quick, funny, podcast bill and Josh look at the size of 3D Printing Files and wonder if they are too large for use. Use the URL below or listen right from this site!