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3D Printing Myths- Challenged

From the Book: How to 3D Print Money. Myth #1: 3D printing will not catch on because it is too technical. The interesting question is, too technical for who? Engineers and manufacturing technicians have always been technical people. These practitioners have been dealing with design drawings and specifications and blueprints (print and electronic) for decades, […]

Book Review-How to 3D Print Money

Another 3D Printing Book Review

More reviews of how to 3D Print Money!

Ebook Review- How to 3D Print Money

The first book reviews are here for How to 3D Print Money and so far the critics enjoy! Available now as a downloadable ebook here

Podcast on 3D Printing- Free

Get these one minute podcasts on 3d Printing developments free on your computer or mobile device. We debate 3D Printing in each epidose

3D Printing Radio- Americans Can’t Wait for 3D Printing

Can Americans wait for 3D printed products? Check out this one minute podcast and listen for yourself