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International Business Podcast- Now Available on iTunes

You can click on this link for a Podcast on International Business Advice  which is now in Itunes! You can also go to and click the RSS feed button, which will feed you podcasts regularly. These are informative and free!

Global Business – Three Really Bad Strategies       This one minute international business video shows three really bad strategies for international market entry. Don’t do them! You can see them on my youtube channel in international business

International Market Entry- Choosing a Market Abroad

How does a firm choose a foreign market for its products or services? If only there was a way to logically “grade” a foreign market to sell into. Many US firms get very confused and intimidated when they try to choose which country to work with overseas, when entering an international market. Many times CEO’s […]

International Executives – Local Markets Abroad

this one minute video talks about “when in Rome, do as the Romans.” It doesn’t talk about trying to become a Roman. In international business, its all about understanding and adapting to cultural differences, not changing your identity