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International Sales – Can Software Programs Help?

It’s much different globally. CRM is pushed by owners of companies, because CRM is a way to collect information about custom-ers and salespeople. And informa- tion is a corporate asset. So if a salesperson resigns, gets fired, or is hit by a bus, the corporation can still protect its database of knowledge. It can still […]

International Employees – 3 More Mistakes With Overseas Staff

a) Task them as you would Americans. Today’s management styles are about tasking with autonomy, getting “out of the box” and saying things like: “Here’s the job, you are the team, make it happen.” But do foreign employees really want to take initiative? Many cultures will be paralyzed by that type of approach, and wait […]

International Outsourcing-4 Tips for Companies

• Ask yourself: Why did you think this would be easy? This may sound psychological, but is a fair question to ask. If making lounge chairs is difficult in Cincinnati, why would someone think it’s easy, say, in Malaysia? The language, culture, currencies and laws are different. It’s also thousands of miles away. Managing factory […]

Choosing a Foreign Market – The Market Entry Toolkit

How do you select a foreign market correctly? Is there a way to “grade” a market and compare one country to another? How do you choose the correct way to enter a foreign market? How do you effectively sell in foreign countries? What are the roadblocks and pitfalls that await you overseas? How do you […]

International Sales-Selling to the USA

It’s unusual to write a global business column, which is published for a largely American audience, about how to sell into the United States. However, many businesses are advising foreign firms about what’s needed to successfully sell into the United States and how decisions are made here. Also, showing the idiosyncrasies of the U.S. market […]

International Business Advice-5 Tips for Importers

Here are 5 tips to help importers in international business • Get the right introductions. Being introduced to the same outsourced partners you already know is a classic Asian way of doing business. Introductions are valuable because the Malaysians now know someone else is in the mix — watching, monitoring and, if necessary, keeping everyone […]