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International Business – Tips to Manage Remote Workers

In Global Business, more and more firms rely on overseas talent. Can firms manage employees overseas the same way they manage remote employees in the United States? What is the difference between managing an IT worker in Utah and one in Ukraine? The differences of culture, work ethics and communication can make managing (in our […]

International Business – 2 Tips in Outsourcing

• Train your production management. If your production management knows how to make lounge chairs in the United States, train them properly about how to manage Malaysian (or wherever you’re doing business) factories, workers and processes. Be prepared to send a good production manager overseas for at least a year. This is a good way […]

International Business – 4 Threats in Market Entry

Here are 4 threats in international market entry Inferior planning Lack of knowledge about the US market. Inadequate marketing strategy Market niche not found. Lack of proper marketing campaigns. Insufficient support for channel partners and resellers. Lack of expert advice Only 1 type of advice. Working with the wrong consultants. Lack of experienced business professionals […]

International Business – Chinese Negotiations

Effective Openings: Presenting Your Position Most Western negotiators will begin a negotiation in China by “getting down to business” and presenting a list of the key items they wish to discuss. This reflects a general Western preference for focusing on tasks before relationships. The Chinese, on the other hand, often prefer to agree first on […]

International Business – What Does it Cost to Enter a Market

This is a question I get asked all the time and, of course, there’s no simple answer, because it always goes back to the strategy. And your strategy has to have that mode-of-entry piece. How are we getting in, and what are we looking for? Are we looking for a partner who’s going to take […]