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International Business – 3 International Business Tips

When doing International Business, keep these 3 tips in mind Having an employee who can speak French does not mean you have an employee who can do business in France. • Many cultures associate a low price with low quality, and may not buy for that reason alone. • Social media can be better for […]

International Marketing Strategy- Mode of Entry

How much does it cost to enter a foreign market? A question I get asked all the time and, of course, there’s no simple answer, because it always goes back to the strategy. And your strategy has to have that mode-of-entry piece. How are we getting in, and what are we looking for? Are we […]

International Business Advice – American Mistakes in International Marketing

A big mistake Americans make is they feel that: “if it works here, it’ll work elsewhere, the same way, the same model, often even with the same people.” I always joke that you have a sales manager who did such a great job with Kansas, that they’re now giving him Japan as a territory. And […]

International Business – Mistakes With Chinese Negotiations

Here are 4 mistakes commonly made in international business and international negotiations with Chinese 1) Assuming all Chinese are alike Singapore Chinese resemble mainland Chinese the way Americans resemble British. Shared language, some shared values, but otherwise different business techniques and norms 2) Moving too quickly; not having enough time Chinese cultures are ancient. China […]

International Business Minute – Business Mistakes Americans Make With World Cultures

In international business, there are often mistakes made by Americans when they negotiate in market entry or global marketing. This international Business Video is 1 minute long, and may help!

International Business – American Slang Hurts International Negotiations

The international business video will give the viewer a one minute lesson on how to hurt international negotiations when doing international business