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International Business – 3 Tips on Dealing With Foreign Suppliers

• Are you being educated about the process involved? Importing products across borders can present many difficulties, including quality control of products ordered, timing of deliveries, insurance, product specifications and claims. When importers tell you to simply “leave it to them,” then your organization isn’t learning. Learning how to import from International Suppliers is crucial. […]

International Business – 3 More Mistakes in Hiring

Here are 3 more mistakes made in hiring foreign nationals (4) Task them as you would Americans. Today’s management styles are about tasking with autonomy, getting “out of the box” and saying things like: “Here’s the job, you are the team, make it happen.” But do all types of foreign employees really want to take […]

International Business – 3 Mistakes In Hiring

When doing international business, don’t make these errors when you choose who’s going to work for you in another country. (1) Assume that a foreign national can do anything and everything regarding their country. Too many times, we’ve seen Chinese engineers acting as negotiators, French diplomats take on the role of market access people, and […]

International Business Consulting- international ethics

How many times do we hear that in gloabl marketing our international business partners are unethical? “Unethical” is a term that should never be used in international business. Ethics are a suit of clothes, and your ethics don’t equal my ethics, which don’t equal Singaporean ethics. The distributor may think the U.S. firm is “unethical” […]

International Business – Advantages and Disadvantages to Using An Importer

There are several advantages to using an intermediary to import products from overseas: They tend to know what they’re doing. In international business this is a huge help They understand the exporting country’s language, culture and business practices. Intermediaries know how deals are done and can avoid complications. Intermediaries may do much business with factories […]

Marketing to the US Market- International Business Advice

Here is s new twist. How should foreign firms market to the USA? What major differences might they see here? These are 4 thoughts for foreign firms to think about in the American Market:   Time is money The idea of spending time, wasting time, borrowing time, buying and selling time is uniquely American. Foreign […]

International Business Problems – 3 Business Practices You Should Change in India

a) When outsourcing, firms put technical experts in charge of India projects. Are your technical experts negotiators? Are they cross cultural specialists? Do they understand International Market Entry? If they possess both of those characteristics in addition to their technical expertise, then use them. Otherwise, supplement them with your business people. b) Lack of training […]