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International Business Consulting – 3 More Mistakes With India

Here are three other errors commonly seen when Americans do business in India a) They will use of Western project management skills to manage Indian workers. Again, Gant charts, MBO timetables, and artificial deadlines alone aren’t sufficient. And usually, the Asians will want many people involved, not just your own Project Manager. They will also […]

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International Market Entry – 3 False Assumptions

(3) Imported goods are often better. Evidence of this is that Americans often prefer to drink French water, drive European cars, wear Italian suits and buy Swiss watches. However, Japanese consumers may be concerned with how Japanese a product is. European firms may wonder about the factories that foreigners will cause to shut down. Countries […]

International Business Advice-Dealing with India

The biggest pitfall in market enty: The expectation that a contract ends the negotiation. Many times, a contract is singed, and then negotiations continue. Business people in India do not place the contract at the end of an agreement. Wow! More assumptions? 1) The assumption that India is homogenous. India is old, and large. It […]

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