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International Business Podcast -Funny and Informative

International toolkit is funny, free and informative. Where else can you go to get free Internatonal advice and help on international market entry? We promise a healthy serving of information and advice, and we Promise that the international toolkit will be a fun as well!

International Business Podcast – The International Toolkit is Revamped Take a look at the new international toolkit. These are podcasts that deal with market entry, myths of overseas business, international business mistakes, international negotiations and global business problems. You can listen to the podcasts for free. They promise to be fun, informative and of course, free.

Managing People Abroad- Lose Control in International Business

When engaging in International Business, my advice is to Lose control. If you think for a second you are going to control an Eastern European employee just because you’re paying them, you’re mistaken. Try to control a U.S. employee for a while. It won’t happen. Influence is more than just a title and signature on […]

International Business – Food is the Key to Culture

this is from the international business minute… a series of 1-minute international business videos

The Market Entry Toolkit- Now for Kindle, Ibooks and Nook

The Market Entry Toolkit for international marketing advice and help in sourcing and understanding new markets is available for Kindle, Nook, Ipad or any mobile device. Get the toolkit at Smashwords and download now. You can begin understanding international markets today. You are just a few mouse clicks away

International Business Advice- Business Introductions

Europeans, Asians, Africans and South Americans do business by introduction. Americans are the only people in the world who do business with strangers. In business, the personal introductions serve as an entry barrier to other vendors, a qualification of the vendor and a built-in troubleshooter (the introducer). The introducer can also give valuable international business […]

Business Talk Radio – Strategic Planning

A lot of entrepreneurs avoid strategic planning because they consider it an overly complex process that can cost a lot of money and take up all the time and energy of the senior management team. But strategic planning doesn’t have to be mysterious, complicated or time-consuming. In fact, for entrepreneurial companies, it ought to be […]

International Business Podcast- The International Toolkit

Free international business podcasts are available at Here you will find straight, no nonsense international business advice. It is informative, funny and free. We can give you free international tips on selling overseas, marketing abroad, outsourcing and selling in foreign markets.

Sell to a Foreign Market – The Market Entry Toolkit

How do you select a foreign market correctly? Is there a way to “grade” a market and compare one country to another? How do you choose the correct way to enter a foreign market? How do you effectively sell in foreign countries? What are the potential pitfalls that await you overseas? Is there a list […]