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Selling to the USA – Market Entry Assumptions

Again, when foreign business people sell to the USA, they do get more and more educated as to how Americans think. They often find • A litigious mindset — A Canadian/U.S. joint venture in Colorado received a legal bill for $250,000. The Americans said, “That’s cheap.” The Canadians said, “Wow, that’s expensive.” The U.S. legal […]

Selling to the USA – Market Entry

More of what foreign business people see when trying to enter the USA is American marketing savvy — The United States sees itself as the world’s greatest marketer. No country has the global brands of the United States. Starbucks, Coca Cola, McDonalds, YouTube, iTunes and Facebook are all American phenomena. We may not brag about […]

Selling Product in the USA – International Business

What do foreign business people selling to the USA think of the U.S. business characteristics? • Time is money — The idea of spending time, wasting time, borrowing time, buying and selling time is uniquely American. Foreign firms often get frustrated when they experience U.S. firms in a great rush and when inadequate (by their […]

International Market Entry – What are the Key Success Factors

“Plan your work, and work your plan.” An international market entry plan contains hundreds of elements, but these initial 20 are the most critical for success abroad: An appropriate amount of planning time. Too often companies approach foreign markets and cut corners on the necessary planning time. The idea of “getting on a plane and […]

International Strategy – Tips for Foreign Market Entry

A regulatory strategy. Where will foreign governments help you and where will they block your progress? Are you in touch with local leaders when necessary? And will your government allow you to sell in a foreign market? Are there any conditions you must satisfy to be able to do this? A competitive analysis. Who are […]