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This continues the article on entering overseas markets 2. GREENFIELD INVESTMENT: a project that starts with bare ground and builds up from there. Coca Cola, McDonalds, and Starbucks are great examples of American companies that have invested in Greenfield projects around the world. PROS: 1) Economies of scale and scope in production, marketing, finance, research […]


This continues the article on entering overseas markets. Part 1 1. ACQUISITIONS: purchasing an existing company. PROS: 1) Established market 2) Skilled workers available (often not found through normal employee search) 3) Licenses are “grandfathered” in 4) Goodwill 5) Technology, clients, and vendors are instantly acquired 6) Negotiations usually take place on top level, target […]

What is International Business? – Entering Overseas Markets

Market Entry Pathways Modes of Entry, explanation and processes The business world of today calls for expanding sales and profits in order to achieve ever-increasing earnings. Business owners and managers must look for any available opportunities to keep their market share and expand into new markets. What happens when their local market becomes saturated? The […]

What is International Marketing – Can You Get an Uncle to Support You?

In international marketing it helps to have an “Uncle,” a trusted go between to help you enter foreign markets Your “uncle” can relieve some of your marketing and negotiating burden. And as a third party, the uncle can take a step back and not take anything personally when negotiations heat up. Your uncle often can […]

Just For Fun – The World’s Easiest Musical Instrument

This is just for fun. The World’s Easiest Musical Instrument is out there for sale now…in time for Christmas and Channukah. See it all at Technorati Tags: Music, gift, fun, gag gift, christmas, present, humor, enjoy, silly, children, musical instrument

What is International Business – How to Make Money Importing

When talking about International Business, a question may arise: what does a global procurement officer from a large technology firm in Kansas and a hobbyist selling gloves from Brazil have in common? They’re both importers, in which they take goods from a foreign country and bring them into the United States. Importers can range in […]

What is International Business? Is a Deal A Deal?

What is International marketing? Is a Deal A Deal? How can I keep from making mistakes in international business > this one minute video is brought to you by Technorati Tags: Market Entry, International business consultant, international business videos, what is international marketing, china podcast, international business podcast, global podcast, international marketing, international marketing […]