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Bad Business Deals – Awful Deal and Awful Products

Tired of Awful Deals? Can’t Handle Moronic Sales people, bad customer service, and bad products? Been offered awful investments? Take a look at Technorati Tags: Bad Deals, Awful deals, Bad business, Bad customer service, Bad advice, Bad products, social networking, rant site

International Marketing – Key Success Factors

Here are more key success factors for international market entry A) The correct market champions — Companies leap to the conclusion that success at home will guarantee success abroad. “Jim Bob did such a good job selling in Nebraska , we’re giving him Tokyo.” B) cross cultural training. Does your staff understand hiw to nuances […]

International Marketing – 5 More Keys to Success

(6) A regulatory strategy — Which governments will help you, and which will block you? Are you in touch with local leaders when necessary? will your own government allow you to sell in a foreign market? Are there any strings attached? (7) A competitive analysis — Who are you displacing by being in the market? […]

International Marketing – 5 Keys to Success

Here are5 keys to having success in international markets An international market-entry plan contains hundreds of elements, but here are the first 5: (1) An appropriate planning time — companies approach foreign markets and cut corners on planning time. Executives won’t dedicate time, hire correct marketing resources and spend the money to plan a properly. […]

How do you Grade a Foreign Market? – the Market Entry Toolkit

Before you spend years and hundreds of thousands of dollars, learn how to choose a market when you do international business or international marketing The importance of WHY a market is selected, HOW it is entered and WHAT other opportunities emerge makes your choice relevant and necessary. When going overseas your firm will “marry” an […]

How Do You Choose A Foreign Market?

The Market Entry Toolkit will guide you through the process of choosing and entering foreign markets The Market Entry Toolkit is now on and is available for Ipad, Kindle, Nook and other readers. Users of the toolkit will learn how to choose, evaluate, grade and enter foreign markets. Costly mistakes can inlcude money, time, […]

Business Talk Radio – Don’t Lose Money Overseas!

Are you trying to keep from losing money overseas? Is your firm doing international business and needs help? Click here for “how to lose your shirt abroad, part 4” and don’t lose money overseas! The Lemonade Stand is available to you here, and click the link below to listen! how to lose your shirt abroad, […]

Business Talk Radio – How to Keep From Losing Overseas

How to lose your shirt abroad, Part 3 Global Business in fun Radio Show! Learn about Global Marketing, Outsourcing, Offshoring Product and International Marketing This is Part 3 of “How to Lose Your Shirt Abroad” which anyone involved in International Business should be aware of! Fun and Free how to lose your shirt abroad part […]

Business Talk Radio – Funny Business Radio on Global Business

click on the link below for part 2! how to lose your shirt abroad, Part 2 This Radio Show is on International Business and talks about ways to lose money on overseas dealings

Business Talk Radio – With Humor Added- The Lemonade Stand

Click this Link for Audio! 01 how to lose your shirt abroad 1 Learn about international business and staying out of trouble overseas. International issues are discussed in a humorous way on The Lemonade Stand Technorati Tags: business radio, international issues, strategy, market research, international research, planning, international business, off shoring, outsourcing, making products, Global […]